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Prayer Request on Tuesday Jan. 30, 2018, Donna hadlock wrote:

Please prayer for our new granddaughter born 1-28-18 having trouble with low blood sugars, unsure why. She is in NICU. Her name is Hailey Pomichter. Thank you!

Prayer Request on Tuesday Nov. 21, 2017, Jo Anne Yelvington wrote:

Prayer for newly diagnosed cancer in chest area. Pray for healing and Gods peace thru for her and her family durning this difficult time.

Prayer Request on Friday Jun. 02, 2017, Brett Sokol wrote:

Taylor and I are going into the hospital for a C-section today. As much as we wanted to wait and have the baby naturally, her blood pressure is too high, and she has preeclampsia. Please pray for a safe birth, a speedy recovery, and a healthy baby.

Prayer Request on Wednesday May. 24, 2017, Jane Kazee wrote:

Great niece Kadenze Willoughby needs prayer. After 3 different hospital visits in 30 days and many tests she was diagnosed with mycoplasma and sent home with medicine. After being home 2 days she got very ill again and the doctor sent them to hospital 3 hours from their home and said they should do another spinal tap as he thinks there is more wrong with her.

Prayer Request on Friday Apr. 21, 2017, Pam DePietro wrote:

Dianne Peterson has asked for prayer for her husband Dennis. He had a brain tumor in the past and it has now returned. He is having problems with his right eye as a result. He will undergo "pin point cyber knife" surgery within the next 2 weeks. Please pray for complete healing and peace for Dennis and Dianne.

Prayer Request on Saturday Apr. 15, 2017, Randy wrote:

Randy is going through chemo treatment for a kidney disease. A side effect is what appears to be a lung infection that has put him in the hospital since Weds. pm. Please pray that God heals this lung infection (looks like a type of pneumonia) and keep his kidneys in good order so he can continue the chemo treatment.

Prayer Request on Monday Apr. 03, 2017, Mary Checchia wrote:

My cousin, Olivia (20) died of cancer today. Please pray for her family.TY

Prayer Request on Thursday Mar. 16, 2017, Dave Clark wrote:

Dave Clark's dad, Jack Clark, has been in the hospital for a week with pneumonia and heart complications. Please pray for a complete recovery and peace for the family.

Prayer Request on Sunday Mar. 12, 2017, Checchia wrote:

Pray for our cousin Olivia (twenty years old) and for God's healing miracle as she struggles with terminal cancer. Pray for peace and comfort for the family.

Prayer Request on Sunday Feb. 19, 2017, Daryl Weed wrote:

Hi, could you please pray for my mom (Julie). She has the flu & bronchitis. They're going to do a biopsy of her lungs tomorrow or Tues because of inflammation. Pray that God heals her, and opens her heart to salvation. Thanks.

Prayer Request on Saturday Dec. 17, 2016, Jennifer Clark wrote:

Please pray for my sister Sara, she was recently diagnosed with Leptomeningeal disease after having 2 brain tumors surgically removed. She starts chemo next week. Please pray for healing.

Prayer Request on Monday Dec. 12, 2016, Carol Chiaverini wrote:

For my friend Norma who has colon cancer and is going to have surgery and her daughter Trina who has kidney cancer. Please pray for comfort and healing for them and their family.

Prayer Request on Saturday Nov. 19, 2016, Jeff Hoy wrote:

Please pray for Jamie Lanford and her family. Jamie is the daughter of Becky and Mike Murray, who are active in our church. Jamie was in a car crash last evening and had an emergency C-section for her twins at 31-weeks gestation. One of the twins (Gracie Lea) did not survive. The surviving twin (Grant) is in NICU and progressing well today. Please pray for this family. Big brother, Gaines, is three years old and was in the accident as well, but seem to be fine after examination. Please pray for healing for Jamie and her family strengthening for Grant. Pray for the all of the grandparents, great-grandparents, and for Jamie's sister, Jodie, who has been part of our youth ministry.

Prayer Request on Wednesday Nov. 16, 2016, Christy Schelich wrote:

Please prayer for Caleb Ferguson. He is a 19 year old freshman at FSU. He fell off his skateboard and fractured his temporal side of his skull. He is currently in a drug induced coma and on a ventilator. His brain was swollen into the 40s and normal is 3-5 in concussion. He has been in ICU for 12 days.
Posted for a friend.

Prayer Request on Tuesday Nov. 08, 2016, Cindy Hambidge wrote:

I would like to request prayer for my friend Jennifer Therrien. She has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. There have been delays in getting test results back and uncertainty about treatment plans. Please pray for healing and the Lord's direction to the right physicians and treatments.

I would also like to request prayer for my mother Lorrie Fitzgerald. She has a torn meniscus in her knee and it is very painful. She needs to have surgery but will have to wait until after January 1st when she gets a new insurance plan.

Prayer Request on Sunday Sep. 18, 2016, Jane Kazee wrote:

Going to neurosurgeon Friday after having catscan and bone scan to see what he suggests doing for my compression fracture of my L1. Would like prayer that he can take care of this so I can get back to doing things without having to take pain medication.
Thank you.

Prayer Request on Monday Nov. 23, 2015, Carol Chiaverini wrote:

Please pray for my husband Jim who is with Hospice for the Lords peace and comfort. We hope to bring him home Wednesday.

Prayer Request on Monday Oct. 05, 2015, wrote:

Becky Durrance has requested that her sister, Mary Schwartz, be put on the prayer list. Mary is extremely depressed and suffers from Bipolar Disorder. She has two children who are struggling with mom not being a fulltime mom due to her illness.

Additionally, Becky would like to add her daughter Susan to the list. Susan is currently in a program in His Mansion and is trying to succeed but is not being as successful as she would like. The leadership team at His Mansion needs to see improvement with Susan in order to keep her in the program.

I ask for prayers for Becky as she continues to struggle with family problems. I ask for prayer for her son Ben. He needs to see things more clearly and forgive himself for his guilt.

Prayer Request on Sunday Sep. 13, 2015, Kim Dunn wrote:

Casey's doctor just found that he has a significant heart block in the LAD Artery. I don't yet understand the implications with his Scleroderma. He was having his medical test for heart, lung & kidney preparing for his annual checkup at USMC in Charleston with his Rheumatologist. We see the Cardiologist Monday to schedule the cardiac cath. Please keep him in your prayers.

Prayer Request on Thursday Sep. 10, 2015, Dave & Pat Lambert wrote:

Please pray for their niece Katrina Fields in Ky. She is 49, schizophrenic and alone.
She was a doctor, married with 3 children, and is now divorced with her ex and kids living in
Alaska. Pray that she takes the medication prescribed so that her long distance relationship
with her kids is preserved, because when she thinks she's doing well, she stops. Thanks, and God bless you for praying.

Prayer Request on Wednesday Sep. 02, 2015, Patty LoDolce wrote:

Patty LoDolce has asked for special prayers for her son Frank LoDolce who is defending freedom in Korea.

Prayer Request on Thursday Jul. 23, 2015, Jeff Hoy wrote:

Please pray for this family member of a friend from Cocoa Village Playhouse... his cousin, Tonya Cox, is very sick and has two surgeries in less than a month and the doctors have no idea what is wrong with her. Her parents, siblings and children are having a very hard time dealing with the stress. The doctors have no idea if she is going to die or not. They are incredibly kind generous people.

Prayer Request on Tuesday Feb. 10, 2015, John wrote:

I just found out that a friend of mine- Karl, has cancer. I don't know much more than that, but would appreciate prayers for healing. Thank you.

Prayer Request on Tuesday Jan. 20, 2015, Allen Draa wrote:

Please lift up the Dimmick family in prayer. Bob Dimmick passed away today unexpectedly. He is survived by his wife Maggie and two adult children. Please pray for strength and comfort for the family.

Prayer Request on Tuesday Jan. 20, 2015, Cher Stanley wrote:

Follow up from 12/09/14 - Please continue to keep Michael and Sarah Chardavoyne in your prayers. Sarah arrived on Sunday night 01/18/15 to start the road to recovery. She has had 2 very hard days with testing and scans. Treatment will start when results are seen. Please also pray for the funding to be there as needed.

Prayer Request on Monday Jan. 12, 2015, Mariya wrote:

I am requesting prayer for my employment situation. I recently lost my job unexpectedly and need to work to support my family of 4. Please pray that the Lord will guide my steps to the employment He has for me and to comfort me with His peace in the process.

Also, Please pray for my mother in law who lost her father on December 21 as she grieves her loss.

Prayer Request on Tuesday Dec. 09, 2014, Cher Stanley wrote:

Please keep Sarah and Mike Chardavoyne in your prayers. Sarah, after 15 years of being sick, was recently diagnosed with Lyme disease. She has a co infection, Babesia, in the brain and has been having seizures since the Tuesday prior to Thanksgiving. Due to Celiac’s disease she is very limited to what she can even eat, not only is she antibiotic resistant but also a gene that cannot fight toxins in any form. Mike and Sarah were married just a year ago. He has lost his job and has become a full time care giver, along with her parents. This has been a very difficult time for all of them.

Prayer Request on Sunday Dec. 07, 2014, Pastor Jeff for Cara Middleton wrote:

Keep child Bradley in your hearts and prayers. Grand son of Dawn Rainwater and Allen. He is in Chicago. She reports that Bradley came home for a few days before Thanksgiving but had to check back into the hospital with a fever and tummy pains. He is back home now. Most of his hair has fallen out, which he understands because his new friends in the hospital have lost theirs as well. Please pray for healing.

Prayer Request on Saturday Nov. 08, 2014, Teresa wrote:

Please Lord pray for me and my family. I want to save my marriage of 30 years and keep my family together. Help my husband find his way.

Prayer Request on Wednesday Nov. 05, 2014, Linda-B Woodworth. wrote:

My neighbor, Gloria, a breast cancer survivor, who has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in her bone marrow, lungs and other areas. Please pray for her mental well being, faith and successful treatment. Gloria also attends Faith Fellowship.

Prayer Request on Wednesday Oct. 29, 2014, Rosanna Rushbrook wrote:

Clare Hynes, our granddaughter, is being discharged from the hospital today. She had a bacterial infection in her intestines, but is doing much better! We are praising God for her recovery. Now her two sisters have pneumonia and need prayer as well. Their names are Molly and Katie. It's been a tough time for my daughter and son-in-law. Thank you for your prayers

Prayer Request on Monday Oct. 27, 2014, Rosanna Rushbrook wrote:

Please pray for our 11 month old granddaughter, Clare. She is in the hospital in Texas with persistent diarrhea, vomiting and a double ear infection. She is very tiny as a result of Turner's Syndrome, and can't afford to lose a lot of weight. She is not responding to treatment so far.

Prayer Request on Thursday Oct. 02, 2014, lisa wrote:

pls pray that my sister will be completely healed from stage 4 ovarian ca, pray that my mother who was recently placed in a home to have peace and pray that God allows my daughter and i to move now so that we can be closer to friends and our church- this move has caused too much sadness and i want to be the mom i was ment to be for my child. Pls God answer our prayers. Thank you God Bless.

Prayer Request on Sunday Sep. 28, 2014, Wendy Carter wrote:

Please pray for my sister Libby for health and financial concerns.

Prayer Request on Friday Sep. 26, 2014, Mickey Weed wrote:

We are asking for prayers for my sister, Judy Ham, who is scheduled for open heart surgery Wednesday to remove a tumor off her left atrium. We know God is the great healer and we are praying for healing for my sister.

Prayer Request on Wednesday Sep. 03, 2014, Autumn Lawler wrote:

First praise for my Mom! She is feeling much better since her little episode with her kidney infection! Thanks for the prayers. Second, prayers for my step-dad John who is in the hospital today for surgery. He is having new stent and tubes for his dialysis.

Prayer Request on Wednesday Aug. 27, 2014, Paul J Valiante wrote:

The results of a recent CT show a mass in my left lung. My doctor at VA is scheduling me for a visit with a specialist, some time in early October. Please pray for me, that God will take this away and there will be no long term impact.

Prayer Request on Monday Aug. 25, 2014, Cheryl Wahl wrote:

I am asking to be on the Prayer Wall all of the time. They have found another medical problem and I have cried out to our Father in Heaven to Heal me from the inside out. Whom ever might see this please know that it is very hard for me to ask for help. I know the power of Prayer works. May God Bless all of us.

Prayer Request on Sunday Jul. 13, 2014, Mindy A wrote:

Please I ask for urgent prayers upon me to find work soon. Worried with bills. Please also pray for my husband's job to be blessed and protected. Please pray for our 2 daughters too specially for Annie to get a permanent job oppertunity.

Prayer Request on Wednesday Jul. 09, 2014, jeanne mcdirmit wrote:

My sister, Anita, needs a liver transplant. She needs to wait at least six months(alcohol free) to even be considered to put on the transplant list. Please pray that we can keep her as healthy as possible, until she can get a liver.

Prayer Request on Thursday Jun. 26, 2014, Mary Ellen & Jim Ireland wrote:

On June 18th, our great nephew Jason Poole (25)had a severe mower accident which severely damaged his right arm. He is currently in the hospital in Fairfax VA has already had 5 surgeries and is facing many more to repair his arm. Please pray that his surgeries will be successful and for complete healing and also keep his parents in prayer.

Prayer Request on Thursday Jun. 26, 2014, Autumn wrote:

Prayer request for my sister, Amber and her living situation. She told me last night that her and her fiancé broke up and he's leaving. Amber has a 2 year old daughter and she is pregnant with her second baby and has no job or other source of income. Praying for God's will and direction!

Prayer Request on Tuesday Jun. 24, 2014, Paul Reece wrote:

Rod Richmond has just been diagnosed with cancer. Rod and his wife Arlis both attend Faith Fellowship. They would greatly appreciate your prayers for his Healing.

Prayer Request on Thursday Jun. 12, 2014, Pam DePietro wrote:

Jim is going to have surgery on his left knee for ACL reconstruction and meniscus repair on Monday. Please pray for a smooth surgery and a quick recovery. Thank you.

Prayer Request on Wednesday May. 28, 2014, Paige Ostrander wrote:

Paige Ostrander's Aunt, Patty O'Hare, has been diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and was given a slim survival rate as they were told that no one has survived this type of cancer yet. Jared and Paige are asking for prayer for a miraculous healing- for her Aunt to be the first survivor.

Prayer Request on Tuesday May. 27, 2014, Pam DePietro wrote:

Please pray for Reece. He is a 9 year old boy who was diagnosed a few days ago with a brain tumor that is growing around his brain stem. He is being treated at Duke University. Please pray for complete healing and peace for Reece and his family.

Prayer Request on Friday May. 23, 2014, Dan Honaker wrote:

I need a very special prayer request for my father, Bill, who was admitted to the hospital last Saturday in Altamonte Springs, as a result of a very low platelet count. My dad's heart is not very strong at this point. Dad has been fighting hard all week, but continues to face daily challenges. We hope to have Dad home, if possible. Please pray for his strength, his protection and his wisdom to know when it is time to let go to be in heaven.

My Dad has been such a strong, Christian man of faith and I have been blessed with the greatest "earthly Father". I will continue to thank God for my Dad's christian leadership and example for me and my family. My parents marriage of 62 years has been built on an undying faith & trust in God...which we cling to in our time of need & comfort.

Thanks to FFC and the choir for your special prayers and support. I am so thankful for the oportunity to share my prayer request with my FFC family.

Regards, Dan Honaker

Prayer Request on Monday Apr. 07, 2014, John Jennings wrote:

John Jennings has asked for prayer as he is in Holmes Hospital and hoping they will transfer him over to the VA Hospital in Tampa as he is a veteran and would rather be there. He has been in the hospital since Saturday and needs to get to the bottom of why his potassium is not regulating correctly. He said thanks for all prayers on his behalf.

Prayer Request on Monday Apr. 07, 2014, Autumn wrote:

Update on my Mom and step-father John. She is back up in South Carolina and seems like they are working things out. Please continue to pray as they work on getting Mom settled in the home and that John's kids adjust well to her being there. Also for John's health as he continues dialysis and moving forward with a kidney transplant in the future. Thank you all so much! Love, Autumn

Prayer Request on Wednesday Apr. 02, 2014, Autumn wrote:

Prayer request for my Mom, Teresa and Step-Father John, I got word today that they are making plans for a divorce. Not sure if my Mom has a plan, or where she is going to live next. But, I'm trusting God knows! Thank you all so much. Love, Autumn

Prayer Request on Monday Mar. 24, 2014, Rosana Rushbrook wrote:

My aunt (Frieda Pierce) has just had heart valve replacement and needs prayer for a complete recovery.

Prayer Request on Wednesday Mar. 19, 2014, Allen Draa wrote:

Bill Luty has asked to be added to the prayer wall. He has MS, and is struggling with a painful sciatic nerve that did not respond to the shot they gave him, and is making it painful to even sleep. He is asking for God to perform a miracle both that the Dr's at the VA could find a cure for his sciatic trouble, and that he would have a remission in his MS to allow him to walk again as normal as possible.

Prayer Request on Thursday March 6, 2014, Jared Ostrander wrote:

One of my students was struck in the head by another student with a chair and fractured his skull and their is bleeding on the brain. His name is Tyler and he is 7yrs old. That is all I can say at this point but I need a miracle for this student. It has been getting worse. They are now taking him to Arnold Palmer by ambulance and this is all I know at this point. This has been going on since 2:30 this afternoon.

Prayer Request on Friday Feb. 21, 2014, Stephanie Smith wrote:

Please Lift up Stephanie's dad, George Reser in prayer. He is having difficulty with his new pacemaker. Their is drainage from around the pacemaker. More than likely, doctor's are going to have to take it back out, which is a major operation.

Prayer Request on Wednesday Feb. 19, 2014, Allen Draa wrote:

Please Pray for Christopher.
Christopher Linder attends Faith Fellowship Academy.
Christopher has been at Nemours Hospital in Orlando for over 3 weeks. The doctors are stumped as to what is wrong with him. But the poor little guy can't walk and his left leg isn't working for some reason.

Prayer Request on Wednesday Feb. 19, 2014, Autumn Lawler wrote:

Update on my step-father John, his first dialysis went good. They are taking out the temporary port from his neck and putting in the regular catheter in his stomach. His surgery is scheduled for 10:30am this morning. After that, he should be released to go home in the next few days. Thank you for all the prayers and support! Love, Autumn

Prayer Request on Monday Feb. 17, 2014, Pam DePietro wrote:

Please pray for Liz Nelson's dad, Peter Bernal. Peter suffered a stroke and is at ORMC. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors and complete healing of Peter's body. Please keep Liz, her sister Angie, and the rest of their family in your prayers for peace and for knowledge of how to care for Peter when he comes back home to live with Liz.

Prayer Request on Friday Feb. 14, 2014, Autumn Lawler wrote:

Update for prayers for my step-father John, he was transfered to MUSC and the doctors want to put a temporary catheter in his neck this mroning during dialysis. They said if they don't do this now...he might not make it through the week. John seems to be strong, Thank God he is a Christian, he seems strong in his faith, he says he is praying a lot and talking to God ALL the time! Please join me in prayer for him today!!! Love you all!

Prayer Request on Tuesday Feb. 11, 2014, Autumn Lawler wrote:

Prayers for my co-worker, mentor, friend, and this woman who I consider family, her husband left her and I need help in praying for her marriage. Also, it brings up old wounds from my own parents divorce and I just pray for God's healing touch in this whole situation. Thank you for all your love and support! Love, Autumn

Prayer Request on Tuesday Feb. 11, 2014, Autumn Lawler wrote:

Please pray for my step-father John who was admitted last night in a hospital in South Carolina with his CHF levels are high. Thank you all so much! Love, Autumn

Prayer Request on Tuesday Jan. 21, 2014, sony motwani wrote:

Pls pray for me. my financial problems are becoming worse by the day. the expenses are mounting and there is no inflow of money. all the doors are shut. Pls pray that our Lord opens some door for finances to come in. Pls pray for financial blessings on our family. its becoming very difficult day by day.

Prayer Request on Saturday Jan. 18, 2014, L.A. Waelti wrote:

update on my Nephew Brian - they have found a mass on his brain, not a lot of information yet,but he will be receiving an MRI and a consult with a neurosurgeon. Continued prayers for both my Niece and Nephew.

Prayer Request on Saturday Jan. 11, 2014, L.A. Waelti wrote:

Prayers for my Niece(Laura) and Nephew (Brian) in-law - Brian was prescribed the wrong medication at the hospital when he was sick during Christmas, they are trying to flush out the wrong drugs from his system, his heart rate is racing due to the drugs,prayers for his heart rate to return to normal, and for strength during this time for Brian, and his wife Laura, and prayers for Brian to come to the Lord. and his wife Laura to draw closer to the Lord. Thank you.

Prayer Request on Tuesday Dec. 31, 2013, Autumn Lawler wrote:

Prayer update on my Mom's situation. Her husband left to go back to South Carolina with his family. He did have to pay 60 days rent so my mom has until the end of February to figure things out. Thank you for your continued prayers! Love, Autumn

Prayer Request on Friday Dec. 27, 2013, Autumn Lawler wrote:

I need prayer for my Mom, Teresa and for our family. Her new husband, John, is moving back to South Carolina this Saturday, 12/28/13. He is taking most of the furniture and her vehicle with him. She has no job and no source of income. Please pray as we try to figure out what to do. Thank you all so much! Love, Autumn

Prayer Request on Tuesday Nov. 19, 2013, Autumn Lawler wrote:

Prayers for Cheryl Wahl, she was very sick over the weekend and now is being treated for pneumonia and might have to be hospitalized.

Prayer Request on Tuesday Nov. 05, 2013, Kelly wrote:

Hi Guys! I have a prayer request from a church in Hollywood Florida. The request is from Deena's prayer group about an upcoming Christmas event and wants me to add it to our prayer wall. This is what she is asking….. "Please pray that would bring the JOY of Christ to the lost in a most powerful way! Even a kid last year asked to go to the stage area and not the vendors, because "MOM, I want to know about God!" he grabbed his mother's hand toward the staging area". We are blessed and pray for 10,000 people and perfect weather, but most of all to have the Holy Spirit strong and powerful at Young Circle Dec 14th our night to praise the King in public! AMEN!
Thank you everyone!!!!

Prayer Request on Tuesday Oct. 22, 2013, Carol Chiaverini wrote:

For my next door neighbors daughter's friend Chrissy who just learned that she is pregnant. Please pray for peace and wisdom that she will make the right decisions. thank you.

Prayer Request on Friday Sep. 27, 2013, Kris Pakulak wrote:

Becky Durrance has called and asked for prayer. She left last night to be with her dad in Alabama. He is not doing well. The family is gathered together and in need of comfort and strength.

Prayer Request on Wednesday Sep. 18, 2013, Paul Reece wrote:

This is from Steve Ralph, the Executive Pastor at First Evangelical Free Church in Rockford, IL. Please pray for Steve and his family during this time. Paul Reece
On September 14th, our precious grandchild "Adalynn" was born to our son Ransom and his wife Beth. When she entered this world her heart stopped for 13 minutes. Since her birth she has remained in the neonatal intensive care unit on multiple life support machines and has been undergoing a special cooling process to help preserve her vital organs. Wednesday at 12:00 AM (this morning) the doctors will begin rewarming her body over the following 24 hours. This is a very critical time for her.

Prayer Request on Wednesday Sep. 11, 2013, wrote:

Sean's wife April in a bad car accident needs miraculous healing, Sean may have tough decisions to make. Both need to know Jesus

Prayer Request on Sunday Aug. 25, 2013, Greg Spencer wrote:

My dad's lung cancer which had been in remission is now back and it has spread to his liver.
We don't know how much longer we are going to have him with us here on earth.
We know he is going to a better place but we aren't in a hurry for him to go. We just don't want him to suffer during his remaining time with us.

My mom is putting on a good show of strength but I know she is hurting inside. They just celebrated their 55th anniversary earlier this month.

Please pray for my mom to have strength and to keep her faith and to find comfort in the love of Jesus while she goes through this difficult time with dad.

Also add my younger sister (Laura Jester) and me to the list. We both need the strength and love of Jesus to help mom through this and to comfort dad.

Thank you for your prayers.

Prayer Request on Sunday Aug. 18, 2013, Michele Kozack wrote:

Jerry Kozack had a major heart attack on (8/16), was air lifted to Holmes for emergency surgery and is currently in ICU.

Please lift him up in prayer

Prayer Request on Wednesday Aug. 14, 2013, Anne Frick wrote:

My family is moving back to the Melbourne area after 12 years, Praise God I suppose this is a praise with a prayer. We were once a part of your congregation and we are looking forward to returning. But we need your prayers to find a home and an easy transition for our children ages 16, 12 & 9. But just any home but the one God has for us. We really would like to be in the Viera High School and a good middle and elementary. We need guidance and reassurance. We should be joining you by the end of September. Your prayers are so appreciated.

Prayer Request on Monday Aug. 12, 2013, Nancy Gonzalez wrote:

Healing prayer for my husband's MS..illness and for our ability to press in Spiritually as a couple.Also, prayer for my chronic fatigue and discouragement...Thank you!!!!

Prayer Request on Tuesday Jul. 30, 2013, Jeff Loeb wrote:

Hello my brothers and sisters,

I ask for a quick prayer today. My house burned down a while ago and during the rebuild my Builder kept a great deal a lot of money that he should not of kept and refused to do the final closing and repay us

My wife is seeking justice and is asking the judge today to allow here to do so today. Please say a prayer for the Loeb family this morning that my wife can have the opportunity to recover what was lost and the God would work to restore what was taken from our family.
We appreciate your prayers,

Your’s in Christ,

Jeff Loeb

Prayer Request on Sunday Jul. 28, 2013, James Pearson wrote:

Prayer for my uncle Joe Pearson's health and my aunt Sibby. Possible stroke problems,

Prayer Request on Tuesday Jul. 16, 2013, Autumn Lawler wrote:

Prayers for my co-worker Andrew, a young man who just lost his mother who died of leukemia. Her name was Jean and thank God she was a believer! And prayers for my niece Victoria for healing of her skin, she has severe eczema. Thank you all so much! Love, Autumn

Prayer Request on Tuesday Jul. 09, 2013, Rosanna Rushbrook wrote:

Our daughter is pregnant with our fourth granddaughter. Yesterday an ultrasound revealed fluid on the back of the baby's neck, which could indicate a chromosome problem. She is due in December and we are praying that God will make this child whole and she will deliver a healthy baby. Please pray for Baby Hynes.

Prayer Request on Thursday Jun. 27, 2013, Cindy Hambidge wrote:

This is an urgent request for prayer for my niece, Angela. She is in a desperate situation of drug addiction and is homeless. She is severely depressed but is hopefully ready for help getting off the drugs. Please pray that she will be accepting of an opportunity that is available for her to go to detox and counseling. Thank you and God bless.

Prayer Request on Wednesday Jun. 12, 2013, Susanne Hanson wrote:

Please pray for Jena Delk. She is having surgery on Friday in Jacksonville. This is a precautionary surgery to a previous cancer diagnosis. Please pray for peace and a "clean bill of health".

Prayer Request on Monday Jun. 10, 2013, Autumn Lawler wrote:

Requesting prayers for Cheryl & Ronnie Wahl. Cheryl is in the hospital at HRMC, room A403. She has a large kidney stone and then had surgery to put a stent in due to a blockage. Then, she had an adverse reaction to medication and was in a lot of pain. Her blood sugar has been running high as well. I'm going to visit her today after work. Please join me in prayer for Cheryl & Ronnie. Thank you so much!

Prayer Request on Monday Jun. 10, 2013, Paul Valiante wrote:

Please pray for Carol's brother,Bob Culver. He will undergo surgery to remove one half of a lung on June 13th at HRMC.

Prayer Request on Thursday Mar. 21, 2013, Carol Chiaverini wrote:

A couple of weeks ago I asked for prayer for my neighbors new grandaughter. She had meningitis but praise God has survived. She is now about 3 weeks old and had a new MRI on Monday. The doctor is saying she will have damage to her entire brain and will have future problems. Please pray for healing for Kaliya and support for her family.

Prayer Request on Wednesday Mar. 20, 2013, Pam DePietro wrote:

Please pray for Jael Gattle. Jael and her family are part of our church and youth group. Jael was stung on her ankle by a stingray in July of 2011. She is having complications from that sting and is in a lot of pain. Dr. Lenoci will be performing surgery on Jael this Friday at 9am. Dr. Lenoci believes her pain is a result of a piece of barb still in her ankle, foreign matter that has entered the site, infection that has set in, or there is damage to the ligaments or tendons. Jael's parents, Bill and Susan, ask that we as a church, pray for Jael's complete healing. Jael is expected to be on crutches for 2 weeks and in a boot for 4-6 months. Bill and Susan also ask for prayer for their son, Daniel, as he leaves for the DR mission trip this Saturday. He has not been feeling well this week. Please pray that God restores his health for the trip.

Prayer Request on Tuesday Mar. 19, 2013, Cindy Hambidge wrote:

Please pray for my co-workers husband Rick again. He had his 4th hip replacement surgery two weeks ago and is still bleeding and not doing well. They think he may need to be transferred to Shands.
Thank you for your prayers for Rick, Meg and their family.

Prayer Request on Tuesday Mar. 19, 2013, Pam DePietro wrote:

Update on Cheryl Wahl.
Ron Wahl called this morning and reported that Cheryl has 4 inoperable tumors. She will be meeting with a local oncologist this Thursday to discuss which chemotherapy treatment they will be using for "tumor management". Ron will be taking time off to care for Cheryl as the chemo treatment will be very aggressive and hard on Cheryl. Please pray to the Lord that he will completely heal Cheryl. Pray for Ron as well.

Prayer Request on Monday Mar. 04, 2013, Christine Cramer ( Chrissy ) wrote:

I have been told I have ovairn cancer stage 3C. I underwent surgery and will start chemo March 18th. I will have 3 treatments a month for the next 12 months. My first six months I will have to travel to Orlando to Florida Hospital, the last six months closer to home. I ask for Gods peace to continue in me. Sterenght and health for my family and friends so they can continue this journey with me. For my finances that God will continue to provide and make away. I thank each and everyone of you, there is nothing more powerful than Prayer. Blessings to all

Prayer Request on Sunday Mar. 03, 2013, Carol Chiaverini wrote:

For the new 10 day old grandaughter of our next door neighbors Leon and Patti and their family. This baby has spinal meningitis and is running a high fever and having seizures. Doctors do not expect her to live. Please pray for healing for this baby and for the family.

Prayer Request on Tuesday Feb. 26, 2013, Ronald & Cheryl Wahl wrote:

Cheryl and I just got back from the Moffitt cancer center in Tampa….and the news is not great.

Cheryl had a PET scan last week to determine if the cancer had returned, and at this point, it looks like it has.

She has 2 spots on her liver and one in the omentum.

While the PET scan is not conclusive that it IS cancer, there is a high likelihood that it is. We’re looking at the probability of a biopsy next week, and then we’ll go from there. We may be able to get this addressed locally, but there may be a number of trips to Tampa in our future.

The good news is that she had a PET scan about 18 months ago that showed clean, so this would be an early detection.

We know the power of prayer, and it would be greatly appreciated if you could pray for healing for Cheryl, and strength for me as I work to be her caregiver through this.

Thank You so much

Yours in Christ our Lord


Any messages of hope would be greatly appreciated

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